BA (Hons) Human Resource Management

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The BA (Hons) Human Resource Management Programme accredited by the University of Greenwich is a "top up" degree where students enter into final year of the BA (Hons) Human Resource Management programme. Students who possess any one of the qualifications as stipulated in the "Entry Requirements" may progress in this programme.  This qualification can be earned in thirteen (13) months.



Entry Requirements

EDEXCEL BTEC HND Human Resource Management

ABE Advanced Diploma in Business Administration (must have a B average in the HRM courses at the Diploma 2 and Advanced Diploma level)

COSTAATT Associate Degree in Human Resource Management (must be 20 years and over with work experience in the relevant area)

COSTAATT Associate Degree in Supervisory Management

COSTAATT Associate Degree in Management

*COSTAATT Associate Degree in Marketing

* This qualification must be assessed by the University of Greenwich for acceptance unto the BA (Hons) HRM programme

*COSTAATT Associate Degree in Management Information Systems

*This qualification must be assessed by the University of Greenwich for acceptance unto the BA (Hons) HRM programme.

Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies Associate Degree in Human Resource Management

IAM Advanced Diploma(60 credits in HRM, distinction grade)

Duration Of Programme

This qualification can be earned in thirteen (13) months.

Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses (GATE)

For students wishing to access GATE funding, the Ministry of Tertiary Education and Skills Training (MTEST) has implemented changes to their funding policy for all students. Students are now required to submit an online E-GATE application each semester for approval for funding.

Once your eligibility has been confirmed you would be required to visit any TTConnect location, to apply for credentials to begin the process.

Documents required included your original Birth Certificate, National ID or Passport and a valid email address.

After receiving your credentials from MTEST, you will be required to log-in to the E-GATE to complete your application for funding.


More information regarding this process can be obtained from Course Administration.

Tuition Information

Semester 1: January 2016 - June 2016


Semester 2: July 2016 - December 2016

Contact Information

Kindly email the Center for University of Greenwich Programmes at or contact your course administrator directly at:


        Cheri-Colleen Young - Senior Course Administrator -

        Dara Lynch – Assistant Course Administrator –

Adanna Jones - Assistant Course Administrator –

Registration Information

Firstly, proceed to the Centre for University of Greenwich Programmes Unit to verify your entry qualifications before making any payments or registering.

You must provide evidence of your entry qualifications by presenting any of the following options:

        . Original Academic Certificates and Official Transcripts (with two copies of each), or


        . Official Transcript and Completion Letter from the awarding educational institution.

In cases where official student transcripts are required for registration with SBCS, students must request their original transcript from their relevant examination body/educational institution and have this forwarded to:


        Ms. Cheri-Colleen Young

        Senior Course Administrator

        School of Business and Computer Science Ltd

        53-54 Sagan Drive

        Champs Fleurs

        Trinidad, West Indies


Providing that your entry qualifications are satisfactory you are then required to complete the following forms:

         University of Greenwich Application Form

         SBCS Registration Form

         GATE Application and Clearance Forms (for tuition funding -nationals only)

After completing the necessary forms, students would be required to make the relevant payment(s). After making payment(s), kindly present the receipt to your course administrator.

Students require an acceptance letter to complete their EGATE application. Please ensure you are provided with one during the registration process.

Registration Deadline

The registration deadline for the January 2016 semester is January 8th 2016.